Caring for your Leather

My stylish garments are made of the highest quality leather. Please be aware that animal skin varies in colour and weight, which is characteristic of the fabric and not a fault, the variations prove the garment to be genuine leather and not imitation.

  1. Never store your leather garment in plastic.
  2. Always hang the garment on a hanger.
  3. Try to avoid wearing the item in the rain.
  4. If you do get caught in the rain, the drops will cause spots to appear on the garment, these spots can be removed by rubbing the surface of the leather with a soft clothes brush.
  5. Dry the garment at room temperature – Never in the sun or by a fire or radiator.
  6. Treat the garment again after it has been wet with a specialist leather spray to keep the leather smooth.
  7. Never use Tri, Benzine or Aceton on the garment.
  8. Suede garments can be expected to shed when new as a result of shearing the skin. It will help if you brush the garment with a soft brush.
  9. Only use a Specialist Leather Dry Cleaner when cleaning your garment.