About Hanna’s Leather Fashion


My father was a furrier. When I was a little girl, I loved the pieces that were left over from my fathers fur coats. I soon started designing coats for my dolls.

All of my interests were related to the craft and visual arts; Costumes,Puppets, Sceneography. Also Drawing and Painting. Colour, Colour, Colour . . .


But I wanted to be a teacher. So I studied and graduated from the University of Torun at the faculty of fine arts. I worked as an art painter and arts teacher for many years in Poland.

I have always created my own personal outfits and one day I discovered a very fime leather which I dyed in a washing machine. The result was soft silky skins and every one in different shades of colour producing very unique and interesting results.

My first collection consisted of skirts, dresses and tunics and was presented at a fashion show in an art gallery in Warsaw, Poland. My collection was a big success and introduced a new fashion trend.

My designs today are very different. I buy the very best quality coloured leather, soft Sheepskin and Toscana Lambskin from Spain and Italy.

I still love to use the patches, to me this looks more interesting and patches have become my trademark design.


All the garments I create are individually designed and produced by me ensuring their unique character.

If you like my designs and style please browse the collections on my website, I will be happy to make a unique outfit tailored to your needs and specifications.

So please email or phone me and we can discuss any styles or designs you like.
Visits can also be arranged at my London apartment by appointment.